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     Bruce in Spidey 2

Access Hollywood is usually just a few steps shy of a Paris Hilton cooking show when it comes to credible news, but any report on Bruce Campbell is worth looking into, and that one, IF true, is big potatoes.

Out promoting his part in CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBAllS, I don't know why but I just love that title, the Chin Man revealed to the entertainment show he was being fitted for a bigger part in the 4th Spidey movie than his small-yet-kick-ass cameos of the other 3,  though he doesn't know anything about his character yet. He also confirmed the film starts shooting in January 2010. So...Gotta get going on that script there, Sam. Bruce just gave you a deadline, and you don't want him to break out his Boomstick!

The show also alleges lots of rumbling have been going on in the fan community lately that would put Bruce up to play Mysterio in the film, but no actual hint or even remotely subtle indication of an official source for that can be found. Which means it has great chances of being true. I have to say it WOULD make me more interested in the 4th Spidey, 'cause I haven't been able to build any excitement yet for that one.

Extra Tidbit: Bruce's best role: Ash, Elvis or Sam Axe?



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