Most overpaid actors

We're very familiar with the annual list of the most bankable actors in Hollywood which always features Will Smith somewhere near the top, but what about the other end of the spectrum? Forbes has just put out with their list of the most overpaid actors in Hollywood. So how did they come up with the numbers?

"We added up each star’s compensation on his or her last three films and the operating income on those films and divided total operating income by the star’s total compensation to come up with each return-on-investment number."

And because I’m morally against clicking through fourteen pages to read a ten item list, here’s the breakdown of the results:

10. Jim Carrey

9. Samuel L. Jackson (he actually gets paid to be in movies?)

8. Leonardo DiCaprio (interesting, he's usually one of the MOST bankable, but not recently with REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and BODY OF LIES)

7. Drew Barrymore

6. Tom Cruise

5. Ice Cube

4. Eddie Murphy (ONLY number four?)

3. Billy Bob Thornton

2. Ewan McGregor (really?)

1. Will Ferrell (no surprise here)

To see the actual dollars and sense of it all, head over to Forbes.

Extra Tidbit: I'd like to see a breakdown of this over the lifetime career of the actor, rather than just their last three films.
Source: Forbes



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