Mulligan's fairy tale

Carey Mulligan is going from jailbait to fairy tale.

Mulligan is being called the next big thing, due to her performance with Peter Saarsgard in AN EDUCATION. She's also got a little movie called WALL STREET 2 coming up. Plus she may or may not be involved with Shia "look at his cute facial hair" LaBeouf.

The work just won't stop as the actress has been cast in THIS BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC. The story is about frustrated child author, Bella Brown, who only leaves her home to go to the library. Sadly, Bella has no friends, no life, and is terribly shy. Then one day she falls in love with a hopelessly messy inventor who frequently visits the library. The story is said to be a cross between AMELIE and FINDING NEVERLAND.

The film will start shooting next year in Edinburgh, Scotland. Co-starring with Mulligan will be: Tom Wilkinson, Christopher Eccleston, Mackenzie Crook, and Joanna Lumley. The script was just on The Brit List, which features the best unproduced screenplays in the UK.

Extra Tidbit: What do Eccleston and Mulligan have in common? DOCTOR WHO. Eccleston played the ninth doctor and Mulligan played Sally Sparrow in the third season on an episode called 'Blink'.
Source: Screen Daily



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