Murphy has few Words

If you thought CLICK was the worst thing to happen to Adam Sandler and NORBIT the worst thing to happen to Eddie Murphy, then you're in trouble. Eddie Murphy has signed on to re-team with NORBIT director Brian Robbins on A THOUSAND WORDS from CLICK writer Steve Koren. The project has a twee, gimmicky presence (a la CLICK) that follows a man who finds out he only has a thousand words left to speak before he dies. It's unclear if he dies immediately after speaking the 1,000th word or he has a finite time left and has to speak his 1,000 words within that designated time frame. I suppose I'm thinking to much about an already ridiculous premise. Murphy and Robbins were critically destroyed for NORBIT but worked together again shortly thereafter on Fox's STARSHIP DAVE. This project would, however, mark the first time Murphy has teamed up with Nicolas Cage, who will produce, making this project even odder. WORDS has been designated "pre-strike" meaning DreamWorks hopes to get it filming before next summer. Murphy is currently working on the Paramount children's fantasy film NOWHERELAND.

Extra Tidbit: Koren started as an NBC page and worked his way up to writer on "SNL" and "Seinfeld."
Source: Variety



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