Murphy vs. Pacino

Cillian Murphy Cillian Murphy, who over the years has carved out quite the career honing the power of the brood, will soon learn he's a mere padawan in comparison to master brooding screamer Al Pacino as he's agreed to star alongside Pacino in the biopic DALI & I: THE SURREAL STORY. Taking place between the 1960s and 1980s, Pacino plays Dali in the waning, more eccentric, years of his life when he took on a young art dealer named Stan Lauryssens (played by Murphy) as somewhat of a protege. The film is based on Lauryssens' autobiography "Dali and I". Andrew Niccol will be directing the inevitable brood off based on a spec by John Salvati, which Niccol rewrote. Production is scheduled for early 2008 on location in Spain and New York. Murphy can next be seen perfecting his brood in the indie drama WATCHING THE DETECTIVES, the romantic drama THE EDGE OF LOVE and, rumor has it, THE DARK KNIGHT.

Extra Tidbit: Murphy plays in a band called "Sons of Mr. Greengenes".



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