New FF2 stills

I'm really rooting for this movie. I like Chris Evans and everybody on the planet has at the very least a secret crush on Jessica Alba. The Silver Surfer is an awesome character and Larry Fishburne's voice rocks. But still, there is so much apprehension attached to FANTASTIC FOUR 2: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER. The first movie was pretty poor and early whispers regarding this one haven't been fantastic. Still, if you're like me, hoping this movie's a success, then you might appreciate these 2 new stills available HERE, and a further two HERE. I never read the Fantastic Four comics so what I'm about to say might be blasphemous, but I really hate the whole power-switching thing (even though Michael Chiklis' face is priceless when he snaps his fingers and the flame appears).
Extra Tidbit: My Sue Storm theory: in order for us to see, light enters our eye through the cornea and then passes through the iris. After this, it reaches the lens, where the light rays are reflected onto the retina. Now, if Sue Storm is invisible, then surely the light can't be reflected back, and she should therefore be blind! (I hope my high-school biology holds up)



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