New Flash Gordon?

We don't normally do much TV coverage, but I'll take any excuse to profess my love for the 1980 FLASH GORDON movie, which contains more delicious cheese than all the crêpes in Paris (and hey, Universal, where the hell's our special edition DVD already??).

Anyway, the Sci-Fi Channel is gearing up a new 22-episode series featuring the famous pulp hero, and I'm half-expecting, half-praying to the wings of Vultan that the show will maintain the movie's (unintentional?) campy design and flavor. A sign that it might: apparently one of the front-runners for Flash himself is a beefy dude named Chris Showerman, perhaps best known for wearing Brendan Fraser's discarded loincloth (eewww) in the direct-to-vid GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE sequel. Now if he'll just get to play some football with the personal bodyguards of Ming the Merciless...

The show is being described as an "inventive new take on the perennial science fiction classic" and comes from TV veterans Robert Halmi Sr. and Jr. (FARSCAPE). I just hope they keep their tongues somewhere in the galactic cheek region.
Extra Tidbit: Kurt Russell allegedly turned down the lead role in the 1980 movie, and instead ended up making USED CARS and playing Snake Plissken in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.
Source: Cinemablend



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