New trailer for Peter Weir's The Way Back is now online

It looks like writer-director Peter Weir (MASTER AND COMMANDER, THE TRUMAN SHOW), may have another winner on his hands. The latest trailer for THE WAY BACK plays everything very big, but like with most trailers nowadays, it's about reading between the lines. As such, I suspect that Weir will be giving us a very intimate, character-based affair... a thoughtful look at friendship and the nature of human perseverance. This is good.

The film stars Ed Harris (APPALOOSA), Jim Sturgess (ACROSS THE UNIVERSE), Saoirse Ronan (THE LOVELY BONES), Mark Strong (as another villain?), and Colin Farrell (LONDON BOULEVARD).

THE WAY BACK opens in limited release January 21, 2011. Check out the trailer below or head over to Yahoo! Movies to watch it in HD.

Synopsis: When they escape a Siberian labor camp in 1940, seven courageous multi-national prisoners discover the true meaning of friendship as their epic journey takes them across thousands of miles of hostile terrain en-route to India and their freedom.

Extra Tidbit: Has Peter Weir made a bad film?
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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