New Tron: Legacy trailer has the most plot and action yet

I'm getting a wee bit exhausted with the sheer volume of TRON promotional stuff I see (and post) on the internet practically every day, but I'll take a brand new full length trailer over a new character poster any day.

I'm not sure if this is the best trailer to date, but it certainly is the most informative and action oriented. It opens with the story of how poor Sam Flynn was orphaned by his disppearing dad, and ends with a sky battle of Tron planes. That's right, TRON PLANES. They are as awesome as you'd imagine.

We also get a little more info on the actual plot, how Flynn is fighting a battle against his own creation, a CGI-faced younger version of himself. It's the first character with a completely computer generated face in a live action movie. Can you tell? In the one second you see him yelling below, you can judge for yourself.

Check it out below or head over to Apple for HD.

Extra Tidbit: Will a visual effects Oscar be in order? Who is the competition this year?
Source: Apple



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