Night talks Unbreak 2

Shyamalan has been talking about a sequel to UNBREAKABLE since the movie was released in 2000 but sadly it's been nothing but talk. As has been revisited numerous times, Shyamalan was freaked out by the critical and fan reaction to the film and that scared him off his planned trilogy. While as recently as this summer Shyamalan was saying he wasn't interested, he's now saying he might be game again. He told MTV:

I believe in that movie, I love that movie, and I should just go start writing the second one...I’ve still been thinking about it a lot and wonder if it’s too late...UNBREAKABLE is the comic book thing I should do — I keep coming back to that.

So it's not exactly a declaration that an UNBREAKABLE 2 is definitely on the way but at least he's softening on his stance after holding a grudge against us for all these years. Sam Jackson also told MTV about what the sequel was originally supposed to entail: "I broke out of the mental institution. I’m out there doing stuff and [Bruce Willis] after me. It’s very cool. He still wears that rain thing, that windbreaker."

I would've loved an UNBREAKABLE sequel in 2002 but in 2010 I'm not sure I'm as excited anymore. Are you still down for an UNBREAKABLE 2 or 3?

Extra Tidbit: At what point during UNBREAKABLE did you start to catch on?
Source: MTV



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