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Occupy Tatooine? Live action Star Wars TV show to focus on the criminal 1%


While the live action STAR WARS tv show isn't going to be happening anytime soon, producer Rick McCallum sure likes to keep talking about it. He already let us know that 50 hours of scripts exist for the project back in June even though it's potentially years from release, and now he's teasing us with a name and more details.

During an interview with IGN he told them that the working title of the show is "Star Wars: Underworld", and that it focuses on the criminal enterprises of the universe.

"It's underneath what's going on. It's the criminals and the gangs that are running -like Wall Street- basically running the United States."

It's an interesting interview, where he talks about the problems with budget for a special-effects laden show like this, as well as the issues they'd face at various networks and platforms. Check it out below.

Source: IGN



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