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Ocean's 13 Murders


Gary Gray and his army of photographers over at the UK-based "Real Movie News" recently snapped some pretty decent behind the scenes goings on of two currently filming high profile flicks. The first is a suspense thriller titled THE OXFORD MURDERS and stars Elijah Wood as a grad student at the famed British university who teams up with his professor (John Hurt) to solve a series of murders that may be linked to mathematical symbols. It opens December 14th. The second is of Matt Damon filming OCEAN'S THIRTEEN in London even though principal photography ended on that flick months ago. Perhaps Linus ends up in London chasing some sweet British tail? Either way, the film opens June 8th. Click through for lots more pics of each.

The Oxford Murders

Ocean's 13

Extra Tidbit: THE OXFORD MURDERS is based on the novel of the same name by Argentine mathematician and writer Guillermo Martínez.
Source: Real Movie News



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