Official trailer for the second season of HBO's Eastbound & Down is now online

"I transcend race, hombre."

We've already seen the DARK KNIGHT-esque teaser, and now we're finally getting an all too brief but very sweet full trailer for the impending return of that motherf*cking greatness that is "Eastbound & Down". Will the second season of the HBO comedy live up to the first? Will it exceed it? Will it just be a series of lots of potentially crude but probably hilarious Mexican jokes? Hopefully, all three.

Season Two of "Eastbound & Down" begins on Sunday, September 26th on HBO.

Synopsis: Arrogant, washed-up big league pitcher Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) thought he'd scored a shot at a comeback in the majors, but the offer turned out to be bogus. Now, having left his North Carolina life behind, he's making a fresh start in a small Mexican town, where he can both nurse his wounds and bless the locals with his awesomeness.

Extra Tidbit: Danny McBride went to college with both Ben Best and Jody Hill.
Source: HBO



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