Oldboy gets writer

The planned Will Smith/Steven Spielberg remake of OLDBOY has gotten itself a writer. While DreamWorks was busy interviewing writers, Smith skipped that step and personally brought in writer Mark Protosevich to meet with him and Spielberg. Smith is likely aware of Protosevich's work from his early draft of I AM LEGEND that first attracted the star to the project (fans should not worry - Protosevich's early draft was genius and rewrites by Akiva Goldsman doomed the version you saw in theaters). In addition to LEGEND, Protosevich recently wrote a bitchin' draft of THOR, which Kenneth Branagh is set to direct for Marvel. The Spielberg/Smith OLDBOY is moving forward nicely but many Spielberg projects seem to move along nicely before eventually dissolving (THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 was in casting when Spielberg eventually moved on). While the casting of Smith leaves me suspect, the bizarre idea of Spielberg directing an OLDBOY remake is too good for me to not be extremely interested in where this goes.

Source: THR



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