Olivia Thirlby will be the law alongside Karl Urban in Judge Dredd remake

I'm not too terribly thrilled with the idea of a JUDGE DREDD remake. I'm fine with Karl Urban I suppose, but with VANTAGE POINT's untested Pete Travis behind the lens, I'm a bit skeptical.

Well, we haven't heard much about the project in a while, not since Urban was cast a month ago, but now we know who will be his second lead. JUNO's Olivia Thirlby will play Judge Cassandra Anderson, who according to the script is "a telepathic rookie who shadows Dredd."

Thirlby is a great actress, as she further proved in THE WACKNESS after JUNO, but this seems like a bit of a departure for her. I actually probably would have been more upset if they'd picked some bombshell for a role, as Thirlby has a more subtle look that will hopefully work with the rather dark tone promised from the film.

It's hard to believe the original JUDGE DREDD came out in 1995. I just recently rewatched it and it seems way more dated than even that. It's an awesomely bad movie, and I just don't know if a serious take on it will go over well. What do you think?

Extra Tidbit: I'm looking forward to seeing how they redesign the uniforms.
Source: Variety



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