Olmos joins Hornet

Now that GREEN HORNET has finally found its Kato, it seems the project is finally past its (exceptionally long) rough patch and has moved on to smoother sailing. But while Kato-casting is a long-awaiting breakthrough, Edward James Olmos announcing that he’s now signed on for the project is even further cause for excitement. Says Olmos via Hollywood Snitch:

“I’m on my way to do The Green Hornet. It’ll be a lot of fun with Seth [Rogen], Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz.”

A Gondry-directed action comedy starring Rogen, Cage and Diaz alone was a strange enough concept by itself, but throw Olmos in there, and you’ve now gone one level past random. No word on who exactly he’ll be playing, but if I had to guess, I would say someone old and wise. Call me psychic.

If the mention of Olmos has made you too nostalgic for “Battlestar Galactica,” I’m obliged to remind you that you’ll still see Admiral Adama back in form in the upcoming mini-BSG event “The Plan” where we probably find out he’s an angel or an alien or God himself.

Extra Tidbit: Who could round out this WTF cast completely? I’ll go with Mel Gibson, but Dakota Fanning is my second choice.



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