Olyphant explains?

Wow, so a couple more developments on the HITMAN situation that we reported to you a while back. As we know, Nicholas De Toth had been brought into do some reshoots on HITMAN, just as he did on LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. CHUD brings the news - via Timothy Olyphant - today that Gens was not involved in the reshoots, and neither was producer Luc Besson, as reports might have made out in the past. Olyphant went on to discuss what was done with the reshoots; We did this kick ass little action sequence in there. A couple of little touch ups and stuff. Little bits, little inserts. It's lovely to have that luxury. Then we had an action sequence that we sort of added to. And then tried to shed a light on what exactly, the problem was; The only conversations we've had have been creative conversations about the kind of violence and where it hurts or helps the story. There's no way it's not a violent film. We'd have a forty five minute film - we shot a very violent film"

All of this, actually makes sense. The violence in HITMAN has to be a kind of violence that suits the film, if Gens' violence was horror-movie violence, or Tarantino violence, maybe it just wouldn't work and re-shoots/tidying up would be necessary. Still, how true any of this is... who can say? Go check out the rest of what Olyphant had to say over YONDER.
Extra Tidbit: Jason Statham was actually voted the favored actor to play the lead role in the film, by video game fans, but he declined the role.
Source: CHUD



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