On Titans set

There hasn’t been a whole lot of info poured forth about Louis Leterrier’s CLASH OF THE TITANS thus far, aside from one or two glances at an armored Worthington, but MTV landed the first real look at the film with a set visit, and they’ve got two minutes of footage and cast interviews to tide your curiosity.

Two minutes isn’t a whole lot of time to discuss much, but the actors on set (among them Mads Mikkelson, Sam Worthington and Gemma Arterton) talk about alcohol consumption with their fellow castmates and also how they’ve adapted the film for present day. Hint: It involves a hell of a lot of CGI and zero pounds of clay.

The footage itself is a lot of gritty Greek guys running around with swords, and there are no giant scorpions or Stygian witches roaming around, but it’s still worth a look as it’s the most we’ve seen out of the film so far. Check it out below.

Extra Tidbit: Why don't they just slap some white makeup on Worthington and make this GOD OF WAR?
Source: MTV



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