Orphanage director

Damn. They went and made me care about the ORPHANAGE remake. Back in mid-November, our sister site AITH reported that the director for the English-language remake of EL ORFANATO, Larry Fessenden, had left the project. This left me hopeful that the remake would just never happen and I'd never have to worry about. Now, not only have they found a new director, they've found a director I'm actually interested in.

New Line has hired Mark Pellington to direct THE ORPHANAGE based on a script Fessenden wrote with Guillermo del Toro. Like David Fincher, Mark Romanek and Spike Jonze, Pellington arrived in Hollywood after success in the mid-90s MTV world (he directed the highly popular "Jeremy" video for Pearl Jam). Pellington took some time off from directing after his wife unexpectedly died in 2004 but his earlier films like THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES should leave no doubt that the man's got the skills and personally I'm glad to see him back. No word on when filming might begin.

Extra Tidbit: Pellington has a cameo as a commercial director in JERRY MAGUIRE.
Source: Variety



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