Palmer joins Sorceror

A few years back Australian actress Teresa Palmer signed on to star in Fox's ambitious sci-fi flick JUMPER. Before shooting began, she was unceremoniously replaced by Rachel Bilson. Last year, Palmer was cast in Warner Bros.' ambitious superhero flick JUSTICE LEAGUE. In part because of the WGA strike, that project dissolved. Maybe the third time's a charm for Ms. Palmer? She has no signed on to co-star with Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel in the big-budget SORCEROR'S APPRENTICE. Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer are teaming up on the live-action adaptation of the classic Goethe tale (though you can expect much of the inspiration will instead come from the Mickey Mouse segment of FANTASIA). While Cage will play the crusty old Sorceror, Baruchel will play his apprentice who mistakenly dons the magic hat and makes a major mess of the workshop. Palmer would play Baruchel's love interest in the movie. Jon Turteltaub (NATIONAL TREASURE) is set to direct based on a script by Matt Lopez (BEDTIME STORIES).

Extra Tidbit: Palmer and Baruchel would have shared time on screen together had JUSTICE LEAGUE ever gone before cameras.
Source: THR



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