Paramount to turn hyped graphic novel Last Man Standing into a film

Lest we forget, Comic-Con used to be about comics, rather than simply being a stage to hype the next big superhero movie. But these days there isn’t a whole lot to report in the comic world, with blockbusters overshadowing everything.

But one work that did make a big boom at Con this year was Last Man Standing, a graphic novel from Heavy Metal publishing and Daniel LuVisi. He tells Geek Chic Daily what it’s all about:

“Last Man Standing, or LMS, takes place 600 years in the future, in an alternate universe and is about Gabriel, this invincible soldier, who's been created to help win a war Earth got itself too deep into with Mars. After Gabe wins the war, he comes back down to Earth and is celebrated as this incredible hero. From there, he becomes somewhat of a celebrity, a Superman of this story, but then it all takes a quick turn. Gabriel is framed for an atrocious crime, by a terrorist organization known as Pandemonium and their leader, Dante. He is then sent to Level-9 Facility, where he'll spend the next nine years in the worst prison of all time. Once Gabriel breaks out, only then does his true story begin, and the lies and twists unravel."

Paramount has already picked up rights to the film, despite the fact that it hasn’t been released yet, and from the art we’ve seen so far, it looks like it could be pretty incredible. Below you’ll find a sampling of what the book itself looks like. The novel is actually meant to be Gabriel’s scrapbook, which is definitely a cool concept, but wouldn’t that make it just a tad difficult to read and follow? But the 230 page Bible is just an INTRO to the series, and an actual comic will follow. Sounds like a pretty excellent story though, and I'm curious to read this/hear more on the film as it develops.

Extra Tidbit: Well, we might not be getting original films these days, but at least we're getting original comics to make films out of. Baby steps.



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