Piranha 3D delayed, not even in 3D?

UPDATE - Just heard from Dimension Films (the subset of TWC releasing this film) and they wanted to pass along that PIRANHA 3D will release on August 27th...

April would've been the perfect time for The Weinstein Co. to release their horror flick PIRAHNA 3D. The movie takes place during Spring Break, which is right around early April when some colleges and high schools take a week off to allow the kids to get ridiculously shitfaced. But so much for the best laid plans of mice and men. The LA Times is reporting that at the very best, PIRANHA has been pushed back to August and possibly much further than that. And if you thought that was bad, Shock Till You Drop reports that the film might never hit theaters in 3D? Thewhotothewhatnow?!

TWC is going on the record as saying it's moving out of April to avoid getting steamrolled by KICK-ASS but it's hard to not look at the disappointing returns on their recent releases - NINE, THE ROAD, YOUTH IN REVOLT - and wonder if money is part of the issue. But if money IS an issue, I'd think the extra boost provided by 3D screens would give them a little extra green in the pocket. Whatever's happening it looks like it could be quite some time (2011?) until we see PIRAHNA and it certainly looks like the big hook, 3D, isn't happening either.

Extra Tidbit: Aren't all these things they should've thought about before filming the movie in 3D?
Source: STYD



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