Portman in Suspiria

Natalie PortmanUPDATE - Portman's rep is denying the report below but Bloody-Disgusting is standing by its story. To be continued...

Those dastardly fiends at "Bloody Disgusting" recently dropped the news that furry musician loving brunette goddess Natalie Portman is looking to produce and topline a remake of Dario Argento's 1977 trippy horror classic SUSPIRIA. She'd presumably be stepping into Jessica Harper's shoes as the new girl to a fancy ballet school who gets a little bit of a culture shock when she realizes the school is really a coven for witches who wanna fuck shit right up. Portman hasn't done a horror film in, well, ever (unless you count STAR WARS…Hello!!) so it'll be interesting to see what she does with this. The film is under PINEAPPLE EXPRESS director David Gordon Green, who apparently wants to show some Marc Forster type versatility. Portman can next be seen in the drama BROTHERS and the anthology film NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU.

Extra Tidbit: Check out Portman in her folk musician boyfriend Devendra Banhart's pretty funny video for "Carmensita" over HERE.



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