Predators director Nimrod Antal wants to tackle passion project Paraffin next

Nimrod Antal's PREDATORS will be shooting, slashing, and maiming its way onto screens in about a week and it looks like it could be a winner for both he and Fox. So what will he have in store next? While Antal has discussed the possibility of a sequel with producer Robert Rodriguez, the fate of that will depend largely on what happens next week.

In the meantime, however, Antal is more interested in taking the hopefully positive reception of PREDATORS and using it to tackle the passion project he's been wanting to make now for years called PARAFFIN, a film being described as a dystopian thriller.

In an interview with The Playlist, Antal had the following to say about the film:

"Yeah, I have a passion project that I've been writing for a few years called, "Paraffin." I'm going to try to get that going. But at the same time I'm just keeping my options open and trying to appreciate the moment. Just open up and see what happens."

But what's it about?

"I can't quite give you a storyline yet," Antal said when pressed for details, but did reveal a little. "I can give you a teaser: men and women will build a boat out of plastic bottles in Cuba to escape oppression, right? So imagine if our world has become that [kind of] oppression. You aren't building plastic bottle boats anymore, you have to build something else to get out of here."
Extra Tidbit: I can't speak for Antal's recent films like ARMORED and VACANCY (I just never caught them), but I will recommend 2003's KONTROLL.
Source: The Playlist



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