Premiere power list

Just because Premiere is no longer a magazine in the traditional sense, it doesn’t mean they’re still not dishing out some quality content. If you think for one second that if you take away their pages you can take away their traditions, think again. With a big f*ck you to the magazine industry, Premiere has once again published its annual Power List, ranking the 50 most powerful players in Hollywood.

The list is a mix of actors, directors, writers, and of course, executives. It provides you with their rankings the previous year, so you can see who rose and who dropped. The biggest and most drastic addition to the list is an obvious one: Judd Apatow is high up there among Hollywood’s biggest movers and shakers despite not having been on the list before, and for good reason. The highest actor on the list is also a no-brainer, and it’s not the guy who jumped on all those couches. I’ll let you guys see the rest of the list yourself over HERE, and if you’re at all interested in the film industry (you must be, or else you’re lost in cyberspace) then this will be of interest to you. Bye!

Extra Tidbit: For all the people who are on this list, it's pretty staggering to think of everyone that isn't.
Source: Premiere.com



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