Pretty Boy Floyd getting his own feature from Wayne Kramer

The last time we saw him, he was getting gunned down by Christian Bale in PUBLIC ENEMIES, but Pretty Boy Floyd is returning to life for his own feature biopic from Wayne Kramer.

Kramer might seem a strange choice to tackle the story of the famed bank robber, as he’s previously directed RUNNING SCARED and CROSSING OVER, but he thinks he has the right vision for the anti-hero.

My approach is to bring 21st century style and energy to Kevin Bernhardt’s meticulously researched screenplay without sacrificing the verisimilitude of the period or over-sensationalizing the characters themselves…At the heart of ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ is a great love story about an outlaw on the run who can’t stay away from the woman he loves, no matter how destructive the relationship is for both of them — which ultimately leads to his demise.

Presumably he’ll be looking elsewhere than Channing Tatum to fill the titular role, and I’ll be curious to see what direction he takes this. I was a big PUBLIC ENEMIES fan, which was a period piece with a bit of a modern feel to it, and if he can capture any of that magic, he might have a pretty good film on his hands.

Extra Tidbit: He doesn’t look that pretty to me.
Source: THR



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