Ritchie unsure of Lobo

Today, Guy Ritchie toys with our emotions.

From what I remember it was a fact that Ritchie was directing the LOBO film. However, it's not really a fact to him.

During a recent press junket for SHERLOCK HOLMES, MTV questioned the director on the project. Instead, he skirted around it, "Is it a matter of fact that I'm doing it? I don't think it's a matter of fact. In fact, I can tell you it's not a matter of fact." So Ritchie's playing coy when it comes to the demonic biker. While the movie is a big deal, he shouldn't feel the need to be so hush on it.

Then again, maybe he isn't really doing it. Ritchie wouldn't even talk about why he liked the character. There wasn't a definite no either. Check out the video below for yourself. I'll contemplate how cool it would be if Kevin Durand played LOBO.

Extra Tidbit: Lobo and Lady Death should have hooked up.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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