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Sara is Demoted

Aug. 25, 2008by: Omar Aviles

Sara Foster Spicy blond minx Sara Foster, who you may remember as Owen Wilson's ridiculously hot partner-in-crime in the comedy THE BIG BOUNCE, has, along with Sean Astin, Celia Watson, Michael Vartan and David Cross, joined the comedy DEMOTED. In it, two tire salesmen's (Astin & Vartan) routine torture of one of their co-workers (Cross) turns super hilarious when said co-worker becomes their boss and forces them to do humiliating stuff like staple legal documents. Oh, the humanity! Foster will play the unbelievably hot wife of Astin's character, who believes he was promoted at work, and who's also baffled that someone of her unhinged hotness could breathe the same air as, much less marry, a pudgy nerd like Astin. Weston will play a veteran secretary who helps Vartan and Astin find some balls. J.B. Rogers is directing from a screenplay by Dan Callahan with production expected to start next month in Michigan.

Extra Tidbit: Foster's married to famous tennis player Tommy Haas.
Source: H. Reporter

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11:41PM on 08/25/2008
Astin's Back! YAHOO!
Astin's Back! YAHOO!
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Latest Movie News Headlines

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