Simpsons creators say not to expect another movie for "10, 15 years"

THE SIMPSONS MOVIE was a box office hit, but don't expect to see a sequel any time soon. In fact, don't expect to see it for at least a decade.

Speaking at a UCLA event, creator Matt Groening and producer David Silverman said that the toll making the movie took on them was extensive. Consider the fact that The Simpsons was on their air for almost 20 years before the movie was produced and that should tell you something. But, THE SIMPSONS MOVIE took four years to make and required animators from the series to dedicate time to create the film. The result was a box office success, but not something they are looking to replicate. In fact, the exact words they used were:

"Maybe another 10, 15 years"

I have always been a huge fan of The Simpsons. While the quality of the show has diminished in recent years, it is still a testament that 24 years and over 500 episodes later, the show is still able to come up with new material. Groening and Silverman were the driving forces behind the movie, which grossed over $500 million worldwide. A marketing machine on par with STAR WARS, The Simpsons shows no signs of slowing down. I would imagine the show will last for several more years and then, once off the air, we can expect a second movie.



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