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UPDATE: Even though this was posted on a real SIMPSONS site, apparently, it was all a "joke". Not a very funny one, but one that this dude thought would be hilarious, I guess. There are always some people on the Net with too much time on their hands, I say. Sorry folks, we've been had. It happens.

The Simpsons Movie Now that THE SIMPSONS MOVIE made (and continues to make, in fact) a nuclear power plant full of cash at the box office, everyone will of course be looking forward to the DVD release. The good news is that it'll be released on November 26. The even better news is that, in typical Simpsons style, this won't be your average, run-of-the-mill DVD. Not only will it be chalk full of extra features but said features will have a unique Simpsons-esque twist like say, the film will be available in standard Widescreen and Fullscreen formats but also in Halfscreen (the movie formatted to fit half your screen), Ullman View (recreates the movie in the style of the original Tracey Ullman Show shorts) and Pop-Up Plagiarism mode (a "Pop-Up Video"-style factoid bubble pops up every time a scene rip-offs a previous episode). For those that are hearing impaired, subtitles will be available in English, Spanish, French and the Futurama Alien Alphabet. See the rest of the little nuggets they've added over HERE. And thanks to Chris for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: The Simpsons rule.
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