Sinestro is waiting for Jackie Earle Haley

When it was announced that Peter Sarsgaard had signed on to star as the villainous Dr. Hector Hammond in THE GREEN LANTERN, many assumed that meant that the presumed villain, Sinestro, was no longer involved. Turns out that might not be the case. HitFix has learned that Sinestro will have a part in the film and that oft-rumored candidate Jackie Earle Haley is "the only candidate" to play the part.

As it turns out while Hammond and Legion are the two main villains of the movie, Sinestro does have a part in the film and he's not necessarily evil right away. What they seem to be doing is to a larger degree what Jon Favreau is doing with Mandarin and IRON MAN. What they want to do is slowly build Sinestro as a villain for a future sequel by having him appear in a smaller capacity in the first film.

There's plenty more to the story as HitFix explains but you'll have to head over and read it all for yourself. Personally I think it's great casting and I'm hoping it all works out.

Extra Tidbit: The look for Sinestro was actually based on actor David Niven.
Source: HitFix



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