Smith wants Oscar?

Kevin Smith Academy Award Winner Kevin Smith - how does that sound to you? Cause it sounds pretty damn good to Smith at the moment. He recently told MTV that he's currently prepping a drama that may just land him one or two of them award things that people like Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood keep winning. So what's this movie that'll have Smith step up to the plate to prove his directing chops? It's a collaboration with author Mitch Albom adapting the song "Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song)" Albom co-wrote with rocker Warren Zevon. At this point you may be saying to yourself, "what the fuck?" But here's what Smith had to say on how this came together: "The song’s been one of my favorites since I heard it and I’ve always seen this whole movie behind. I got in touch with Mitch because Warren Zevon has passed on and we started talking about it and he was into it and into what I was kind of pitching.” Find out what the song's about and what else Smith had to say about it over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Well, how about that, Smith is finally doing some more comic books.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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