Smokin prequel news

So it looks like the prequel to SMOKIN ACES that Carnahan announced was going to happen is well underway. Joe announced via his personal blog that 'Smokin Aces: Blowback' looks like it's about to ramp up hard. They flipped for the script. Not a single note. Not that we can't get in there and really do some story work and fine tuning but it looks pretty damn good right now... I'd love to find a way to work our regulars into cameos in the flick. I've put my mind to this and we'll devise something slick to give some camera love to the loyalists." I'd love to see The Fleck turn up with a handlebar moustache again and possibly Chris Pine fingering his armpit tattoo. As we've already reported, the thing is going straight to DVD, but I know we're all hoping that's not gonna mean compromising on quality. And that's just not something I'd expect from Carnahan anyway.
Extra Tidbit: When Affleck was reciting his monologue in the bar it took over 20 takes because he sucked ass at pool and couldn't make the shot. When he finally did make it he couldn't deliver his lines because he was laughing so much about it.



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