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Sony catches Machete


     They call him Machete for a reason...

If there was still any residual doubt at all that the badass-sounding MACHETE feature film is happening for real, here's a something to celebrate. Or maybe despair, depends on how you see it...

Sony and Hyde Park Entertainment announced yesterday the studio's acquisition for most of international distribution rights to Robert Rodriguez's upcoming Trejo-on-a-tear flick.

Good news is that the movie getting a big studio push means it won't be lost in development heck nor go straight to the shelves. Bad news is that the movie getting a big studio push might end up meaning *gulp* PG-13. I doubt very much Rob would let that happen, but when considering how Fox de-clawed Wolverine this summer...

Extra Tidbit: I thought Trejo was useless in HEAT when first watching the film, until that final scene of his - amazing. Been a fan ever since.
Source: Variety



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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