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Starz series Magic City becoming feature film with Bruce Willis, Bill Murray


Many fans, including myself, were disappointed when Starz cancelled their mob series MAGIC CITY after just two seasons. The drama, set in 1950s Miami, was a cross between THE SOPRANOS and MAD MEN but with a lot more nudity. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Olga Kurylenko, and a vicious Danny Huston headlined the cast in a story about a man trying to run a hotel while under the thumb of the Jewish mafia. Well MAGIC CITY fans, it looks like your wish has come true.

Deadline reports that series creator Mitch Glazer will be bringing MAGIC CITY to the big screen with the original cast, including his wife Kelly Lynch, along with new additiona Bill Murray and Bruce Willis. Glazer wrote the screenplay and will direct.

Miami 1962. Gangsters, hoteliers, spies and socialites win, lose and die beneath the palms. JFK and a mob boss share a mistress in a Collins Avenue penthouse. The CIA secretly arms Cuban freedom fighters and hires the mafia to kill Castro. The most powerful Miami Beach hotel owner battles them all to save his family and survive in the Magic City.

The show delved into the various relationships of the large cast, so it will be interesting to see how the film will handle so many plot threads. There does not seem to be an indication if the MAGIC CITY movie will serve as a wrap-up to the series on one in an ongoing new series, but it will all depend on how buyers feel when it is presented at the upcoming American Film Market.

Source: Deadline



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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