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Steve Carell mentors Channing Tatum in this new image from Foxcatcher


I’ve been not so patiently awaiting Bennett Miller’s FOXCATCHER. What dragged me in? Aside from Miller? Was it Channing Tatum? No. You want to think that. It was actually another turn to drama for Steve Carell that hooked me. I think he can certainly step out away from his comedic roots to make a role like this one believable. I’m sure people though that Jim Carrey wouldn’t make the jump so well, but I think that THE TRUMAN SHOW disproved that theory. All that said, I’m rooting for Carell.

Thanks to an upload on Facebook from co-star Tatum, we have a new still from the film. Originally we were supposed to see the flick in 2013, but it was pushed back so there would be more time to finish it. According to the post, the film will be screened next at Cannes.


The story of Olympic Wrestling Champion Mark Schultz and how paranoid schizophrenic John duPont killed his brother, Olympic Champion Dave Schultz.

FOXCATCHER is due to release sometime this year.

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