Superbowl teasers!

As if I need to tell you, the Superbowl aired tonight, with Larry Bird hitting one of the nicest homeruns I've ever seen to win the game for the Giants. A large part of the Superbowl tradition is the commercials, and it's usually a great time to catch a few peeks at what will be entering multiplexes later this year. Some of the big TV spots that showed during tonight's big game included ones for WANTED, LEATHERHEADS, PRINCE CASPIAN, WALL-E and the one everyone's been buzzing about, IRON MAN, which was awesome indeed. My favourite had to be the spot for WANTED, which featured some mind (and bullet) bending effects and Angelina Jolie looking as hot as I've ever seen her. Ads for IRON MAN, WANTED, WALL-E and PRINCE CASPIAN are online at JoBlo Video right now with the remainder of the ads on Myspace.com, in a cross-promotional campaign that I can describe as obvious and genius. Check 'em out, along with all the other ads that aired tonight.

Extra Tidbit: Watching the Superbowl in Canada sucks, because we miss out on all the 'special' commercials and get regular boring Canadian commercials, for things like hockey pucks and Moose skin.
Source: Myspace



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