Swank in Fangland

Hilary Swank The fact that Hilary Swank had to win two Academy Awards to actually register on Hollywood casting directors' radar may have left some psychic scars or at least a crippling inferiority complex in the MILLION DOLLAR BABY actress as, following the box office bomb that was the apocalyptic horror THE REAPING, she's agreed to star in another horror film (nothing against horror, of course, but it clearly isn't doing it for The Swanks so maybe it's time to explore other options). This one, at least, appears to have some promise. According to Page Six, she'll next star in FANGLAND, an adaptation of the John Marks novel of the same name. The story is a re-imagining of the Dracula fable centering on a young TV producer named Evangeline Harker (Swank) who's sent to Romania to investigate a legendary criminal figure, the result of which is her being exposed to overall horrific evilness that may or may not be related to vampires. Swank can next be seen in the romantic drama P.S., I LOVE YOU and the thriller LABYRINTH.

Extra Tidbit: In the novel, the possibly vampiric criminal figure is named Ion Torgu.
Source: Page Six



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