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Teen Wolf remake?


Sure, theaters are overflowing with Hollywood remakes... but hey, how many of them are about high school werewolves, huh? Yeah, exactly.

Obviously sensing that void, a remake of TEEN WOLF is the latest potential redo to howl at audiences. Moviehole says that Warner Bros. is currently in search of a writer to update the amusing, slightly embarrassing slice of the 1980s.

The TEEN WOLF "franchise" started with Michael J. Fox as a student dealing with a family curse, excessive hair, a fondness for beer, an obnoxious and shamelessly merchandising buddy named Stiles, a chick named Boof and an obese friend named... Chubby. He did have some mad hoop skills, at least until he was replaced by Jason Bateman as a boxing lycanthrope.

Hard to believe they haven't remade it sooner, eh? But then, how do you even try to improve on this:

Extra Tidbit: The animated 1986 TEEN WOLF series was set in a town called Wolverton. Genius!
Source: Moviehole



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