T'formers 2 pics!

UPDATE - This morning USA Today had no photos on their website to accompany the below mentioned article. They've since updated with a gallery of pics from the film included the mega Bay explosion shot seen below. Click here to view the slideshow and get your first look at an actual Transformer from TRANSFORMERS 2.

While we here at JoBlo.com are bringing you our 2008 wrap-ups and look aheads to 2009, the boys at Empire Magazine are doing the same and in their upcoming 2009 Preview issue, they have three new pics from TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN. Using the pics from Empire and a set visit report from USA Today we can piece together that this pic takes place as Sam and Mikeala "flee an ancient temple while villainous Decepticons stomp and crush their way through a village in pursuit." In addition, USA Today has confirmed that Transformers Soundwave, Devestator and Jetfire will be joining the cast of the sequel. Click on the LaBeoufian pic below to head to Empire to see the rest of the pics.

Extra Tidbit: 1st TRANSFORMERS trailer with WATCHMEN?
Source: Empire



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