THE TEN SPOT: Biggest Overeating Scenes in Movies

Today is Thanksgiving and you know what that means. Yes, Jim Law has the day off and I'm filling in for him. It also means sitting in traffic, fighting with relatives, drinking too much, watching football and eating way, way too much. I'm such a disgusting fatbody I don't eat dinner the night before just to make extra room in my belly for an extra helping of pie.

In honor of this time-honored Thanksgiving tradition of gorging yourself on food, we take a look back at some of the grossest and nauseating overeating scenes from movies. Grab a barf bag and dig in...

Biggest Overeating Scenes!


Randy hates meatloaf. Meatloaf, smeatloaf, double-beatloaf, I hate meatloaf, to quoth Randy. But once his mom suggests a new method to enjoy his dinner, Randy is soon squealing with glee and snorting up every bit of meatloaf and potatoes on his plate (much to the disgust of Ralphie and his dad).

#10: Augustus, Save Some Room For Later! - CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY

Augustus Gloop, Augustus Gloop, the big, fat, greedy nincompoop. It's should be no surprise that Augustus is so swiftly whisked away by the Oompa-Loompas as he hasn't been in Wonka's factory for a hot second before he's face down floor shoving everything in his face. And just look at his eyes when he sees the chocolate river. That's like me when the turkey hits the table.

#9: McDonald's For a Month - SUPER SIZE ME

Morgan Spurlock didn't stuff himself full of chicken nuggets and Big Mac's in one fell gluttonous swoop like we'll be doing today but the work he put in over one month can't be denied. He gained 24 lbs. for chrissake, an achievement so nasty, you never want to eat fast food for at least a good couple of minutes afterward.


It was tempting to include the entire Klump family dinner here, especially with little Hercules, but there was something more excessive about a depressed Sherman Klump sitting by himself, late at night eating ice cream right out of the container and pouring M&Ms directly into his gaping maw.

#7: Bruce Bogtrotters Cake - MATILDA

Bruce Bogtrotter was accused by Miss Trunchbull, the despotic principal of a private school, of stealing a piece of chocolate cake from the school's kitchen. As punishment, she brings out an entire chocolate cake and forces him to eat the entire thing in front of the whole school. In a very anti-establishment move, Bruce eats the whole damn thing, licks the plate clean and holds the plate up like a trophy to his cheering classmates. (Spoiler Alert: Trunchbull breaks the plate over his head, he burps and the whole class gets detention.)

#6: I Don't Even Have to Floss - GROUNDHOG DAY

Cholesterol? Lung cancer? Love handles? Phil Turner worries not about these things. Why should he worry, he's been stabbed, shot, poisoned, frozen, hung, electrocuted, and burned and still wakes up every day to the refrains of Sonny & Cher. So what's whipped cream, a milkshake, pancakes, pie, donuts, bacon, a carafe of coffee and a cigarette or two?

#5: Hot Dog Eating Contest - MEATBALLS

For the past 12 years, Camp North Star has lost to those rich bastards at Camp Mohawk at the Olympiad. For each of those 12 years, Fink has lost to the legendary Mohawk competitor known only as "The Stomach" in the hot dog eating contest. But this year, under the guidance of Tripper Harrison, Fink rallies and finishes his entire plate. "You gotta want it, Larry!" Indeed. His faceplant in the tray afterward is almost exactly how I feel after Thanksgiving dinner.

#4: The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan - STAND BY ME

Now comes the point in the countdown when we start getting to the scenes that will really make your stomach turn. "I hope you got a big appetite Lard Ass..." And with that, Davey "Lard Ass" Hogan takes the stage at the Great Tri-County Bake-Off and Pie Eating contest to have his revenge. A bottle of Castor Oil, a raw egg and a few blueberry pies later, the great Barf-O-Rama was launched. Launched on former champ Bill Travis to be exact. And when the smell hit the crowd, that's when Lard Ass' plan really started to take shape. And it's about that time that, no matter how empty your stomach is, you start to feel a little queasy.


What better way to follow-up a scene with massive vomiting than with another scene of massive vomiting. In this sketch from Monty Python, the disgustingly obese Mr. Creosote (played by director Terry Jones), waddles into a fancy restaurant and before he can even order any food, orders a bucket to puke in. The barfing continues until the after-dinner mint arrives and then, well, I won't spoil it for you. It would rank higher on the list but we never actually see the dude eating anything.

#2: Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs - COOL HAND LUKE

Probably the most oft-repeated stunt on this list, eating 50 eggs in an hour has been tried many times since COOL HAND LUKE and I'm not sure if I've ever seen anyone actually complete it since (the human stomach is not equipped to hold four liters worth of food). Knowing what's coming, it only takes an egg or two for you to start feeling like Luke does at egg #32. "That belly looks like a ripe watermelon 'ats about to burst open!" Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me want to fast for a few days.

#1: The Ole 96er - THE GREAT OUTDOORS

It starts out with John Candy offering to share a salad with his on-screen wife. Just seconds later, he's agreeing to eat The Ole 96er, a 96 oz. steak, so that the entire family can dine for free. Why does this get the top stop over the classic COOL HAND LUKE? Because most people aren't stupid enough to try and eat 50 eggs. Most people though are stupid enough to try and eat a giant steak, hamburger or pizza just to get a free t-shirt or something. We've all had that experience of sitting at a restaurant, trying desperately to finish our plate, the dreaded meat sweats, the rumbling, the grumbling, the shaking fork....and then..."There's nothing on that plate but gristle and fat!"

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