The Penis clip

You're likely to keep seeing the SUPERBAD love on JoBlo.com for the next couple of weeks as the film readies to spread itself all over America come August 17th (might be the last "big movie" of the summer). As you know, our very own JimmyO already saw and reviewed the film for the site HERE (he's actually seen it 3 times already and still cracks up every time, apparently) and so did some of us other JoBlo.com-ers last week at the Con, and we loved it as well. The film is jam-packed with funny scenarios and even though THIS ONE is pretty funny, I'd rather you NOT see it myself, only because I think it'd be better as a surprise in the film, but if you really want a good taste of what Judd Apatow and his gang of foul-mouthed cohorts are up to this time around, check out the very unique clip below.

Extra Tidbit: Even though Seth Rogen plays a cop in SUPERBAD and Jonah Hill plays a teenager still in high school, there's actually only a 1-year difference between them in age in real life. Rogen's 25, while Hill's 24.
Source: Youtube.com



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