Tom Hardy might be Snow White's Huntsman

I'm glad that Tom Hardy is shaping up to be the new Sam Worthington. While that guy had the square jaw required for most leads, it was quite apparent he was an Australian bricklayer a few years ago, and doesn't exactly have range as of yet.

Hardy contrastingly is being bred to be our next big A-lister, with a role in INCEPTION, the lead in the MAD MAX sequel, the first new part in BATMAN 3, he actually replaced the aforementioned Worthington in THIS MEANS WAR and now he possibly has a part in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNSTMAN, as the titular huntsman.

The film is based off a script by Evan Daugherty and will be helmed by Rupert Sanders. The Playlist got a look at the script, and were quite enthused:

It’s actually very strong, one of the better action-adventure scripts we’ve read in a while. It’s faithful to the fairy tale, beat-for-beat, but manages to remain fresh and surprising in a way that, say, Burton’s film didn’t. And Hardy’s role, as Eric, the huntsman haunted by the death of his wife at the hands of a white wolf, is a doozy—tragic, heroic but with enough roguish charm to play to his strengths—and should see him move even further up the A-list.

Reportedly the film is looking for Angelina Jolie to be its Snow White, though there is a rival project out there THE BROTHERS GRIMM: SNOW WHITE, that could pose some problems unless this thing is fast tracked. It will also have to speed things along if Hardy is to be onboard, as he's going to be shooting his myriad of other films shortly.

Extra Tidbit: It's got to be the Riddler, right? You really think they'd do Black Mask?
Source: The Playlist



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