Toy-based movies are officially overboard with Hasbro Factory

If you thought all the upcoming movies based on toys and games were getting out of control with MONOPOLY, BATTLESHIP, STRETCH ARMSTRONG and the whole Target kids department, it looks like things are going to explode on screen like Christmas morning.

According to Pajiba, Paramount and Hasbro are working on something called HASBRO FACTORY, which is being described as A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM set in (durhurr) a Hasbro Factory. The project is currently in search of a writer to play with.

It seems that although a number of Hasbro's popular properties are already in the works as solo projects (or characters appearing in other movies, like Mr. Potato Head in TOY STORYs), the company still has countless minor brands that could be served by such a concept. Some examples of other names under the Hasbro umbrella: Barrel of Monkeys, Operation, Play-Doh, Jenga, Connect 4, Easy-Bake, Spirograph, My Little Pony, Mouse Trap and, perhaps most importantly, Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Hasbro also handles toys for big franchises like G.I. JOE, TRANSFORMERS, STAR WARS and Marvel, but it's unknown if any of those characters would/could appear in the movie.

Extra Tidbit: I'd make a joke about a SLINKY movie, but there was already one in development a few years ago. You may weep.
Source: Pajiba



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