Transformers goodies

Well, this is nowhere near as major as the last bunch of TRANSFORMERS-related updates, but Comingsoon.net have snagged a look at the Taiwanese poster for the flick, which features headshots of Bumblebee, Prime and Megatron. Click HERE for that.

Second up though, is something a little nicer, the two latest TRANSFORMERS TV spots, which you can find HERE. Although for the most part they're recycles of previously seen footage, there are a couple of new gems hidden in both, in particular pertaining to Scorponok. If you're a real geek like me, you'll love 'em, so head on over and check them out.

One slight concern that arose out of the two of them, however, was Josh Duhamel's lines. They didn't sound fantastic, particularly when he says "We are sooo dead", or something to that effect. Anyway, you know and I know that this movie is going to be tremendous. I refuse to believe that any member of the cast can put in a performance so bad as to affect the quality of the film. Just hold out for a little while longer, it'll be here soon!
Extra Tidbit: Click HERE for a sweet little clip entitled 'A FEW GOOD TRANSFORMERS'.
Source: Comingsoon.net/Film



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