Unique Diggers Release

DIGGERS, a movie directed by Katherine Dieckmann and featuring the always great Paul Rudd (ANCHORMAN), Maura Tierney (ER), Lauren Ambrose (SIX FEET UNDER) and Josh Hamilton (THE BOURNE SUPREMACY) is gearing up for a fairly unique release; it is set to open in cinemas on April 27th and then almost immediately on DVD on May 1st, just four days later.

The film is a 'funny and heartfelt' 70s era piece set in the Hamptons area of Long Island. The story revolves around two generations of hard-living clam diggers trying to maintain their way of life in the face of sweeping changes. From the trailer it looks like an offbeat comedy of some promise. Even though I thought Paul Rudd was a tool when he decided he would rather sleep with a young boy than Jennifer Aniston in THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION, he's deserved a solid lead role for years and maybe this will be the one that makes him, since right now I don't really associate him with anything but Sex Panther cologne. I've had a strange but very real affection for Maura Tierney since LIAR LIAR and the supporting cast all look like they can pull of the comedy that's needed of them.

The movie also features a sweet soundtrack with the likes of REM, Aimee Mann and Wilco in on the action. Click on the poster below to check out the movie's official site, where you can find the movie's trailer and additional info.

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