Unscramble the code at the Tron: Legacy viral site, Flynn Lives

A new code has emerged over at the TRON: LEGACY viral site, Flynn Lives.

A few days ago, the site started a binary countdown that ends on February 24th. There's still no word on what we will get that day, but I'm guessing it will most likely be a trailer.

Now, right underneath the countdown there's a code starting to come together. I'm not good at stuff like this at all. Anytime I'm given a word scramble it takes me at least 30 minutes to get at least 2 words unscrambled. I was thinking that some of you might be able to put it together. If you solve it, you won't be getting anything special expect for bragging rights. The payoff comes on the 24th.

I would have been way more comfortable with one of those Magic Eye pictures. To get a better look at the code head here.

Extra Tidbit: Olivia Wilde once won a pancake eating contest.
Source: Cinema Blend



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