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ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE!!! If you haven't voted yet, better do so now! The nominations process will end on Sunday at which point we're gonna lock down the threads and tally the top 5 nominations from each category.

PS: If you want to help us count up some categories,
please email us via here...thx!

The 2008 film award season has started and very soon, so will our 8th Annual Movie Awards (aka The Golden Schmoes) in which YOU get to choose the nominees and YOU eventually get to choose all of the winners as well. For anyone who doesn't know how the Golden Schmoes work, CLICK HERE for instructions and HERE to know what it's all about.

Right now, you can already start to "remind" others of some great movies/performances of the year in something we call FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION, since people tend to forget shit from earlier in the year. This is your way of reminding others of some cool stuff that we might've forgotten about already. The nominations process will begin next Monday, January 23rd and close on February 1st at midnight (you have to be registered as a member of our board in order to nominate your favorites), and the final voting will take place in February on the official site. See past winners/nominees and this year's brand new poster below. Enjoy!

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