Wanna Be a Producer?

A little over 7 years ago a student at CalArts had the bright idea of selling $1 producing credits for a film he was making. The idea was simple: donate some money, and receive a producing credit. The project has since grown to a worldwide affair, with people of all shapes and sizes donating funds. The film currently has over seven thousand producers and counting, and has morphed into a non-profit organization, with the earnings going to the Global Fund for Women.

The movie itself is a 70mm experimental animated short, a very short, a one second short to be exact, hence the the title of the movie, THE 1 SECOND FILM. The one second in question will consist of filmed paintings created by hundreds of people in one night, and over the 90-minute credits, a making-of documentary will play. The story of how all this came to be is pretty interesting, and can all be found on the site, along with quite the list of celebrities who have donated money and are now producers. So if you’re interested in co-producing a film with the likes of Kiefer Sutherland, Brett Ratner, Mark Ruffalo, Spike Jonze, Charlie Kaufman, Steve Buscemi and many many more, go HERE and start your film career.

Extra Tidbit: IMDb initially rejected the 1 Second Film for listing on its website, until one of the film's producers, a Stephen Colbert, personally lobbied for the film, which has been since been credited on IMDb since May 2005.



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