WB goes all Blu-ray

In a move that could put the final nail in the HD-DVD coffin, Warner Bros. has opted to go exclusive with Blu-ray for their high definition DVD releases. Warners was the last major studio who was releasing in both formats. WB explains the decision was made "in response to consumer demand" and that " "consumers have clearly chosen Blu-ray" - translated, that means their Blu-ray discs are selling better than their HD-DVD discs. They will continue to release discs in both formats until May 31st, after which they will move to Blu-ray (standard format DVDs will obviously continue to be released). In addition, New Line, the sister studio of Warners, will follow the Blu-ray suit (LOTR fans, get ready to plunk down some serious cash for a Blu-ray box set). So the big question is what does this mean for HD-DVD. Well with only Paramount and Universal as exclusives, it's not good news. Blu-ray now has Disney, Fox, Sony and WB/New Line. Paramount's exclusive deal runs through 2008, after which Toshiba may throw in the towel on HD-DVD. Thoughts? Feeling burned with your HD-DVD player? Thrilled your PS3 isn't stuck with a losing format? Strike back below...

Extra Tidbit: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3 is the best selling Blu-ray disc to date.



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